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Tender Notices


Description of Service
collapse Date Issued : 5/17/2019 ‎(1)
Appointment of a service provider to provide facial recognition and queue management system
5/17/2019<div class='cidbTender_0D260DBC_1DF1_4F46-B58D_483AB5ED8280'><a href='/_layouts/15/cidb/TenderDocuments.aspx?bidnum=RFB60058'>Bid Documents</a><div>
collapse Date Issued : 4/17/2019 ‎(1)
appointment of a service provider to internet hosting for cidb for a period of 36 months
4/17/2019<div class='cidbTender_0D260DBC_1DF1_4F46-B58D_483AB5ED8280'><a href='/_layouts/15/cidb/TenderDocuments.aspx?bidnum=RFB60047'>Bid Documents</a><div>
collapse Date Issued : 4/12/2019 ‎(2)
Appointment of a service provider to provide support for strategic planning sessions with the cidb board and management
4/12/2019<div class='cidbTender_0D260DBC_1DF1_4F46-B58D_483AB5ED8280'><a href='/_layouts/15/cidb/TenderDocuments.aspx?bidnum=RFB20034'>Bid Documents</a><div>
Appointment of a service provider to Interactive Boards including maintenance support and licence renewal for a period of 36 months
4/12/2019<div class='cidbTender_0D260DBC_1DF1_4F46-B58D_483AB5ED8280'><a href='/_layouts/15/cidb/TenderDocuments.aspx?bidnum=RFB60043'>Bid Documents</a><div>
collapse Date Issued : 12/3/2018 ‎(1)
Appointment of a service provider to pilot the application of the construction quality assessment system (CONQUAS SA) in buildings
12/3/2018<div class='cidbTender_0D260DBC_1DF1_4F46-B58D_483AB5ED8280'><a href='/_layouts/15/cidb/TenderDocuments.aspx?bidnum=RFB20020 '>Bid Documents</a><div>
collapse Date Issued : 8/17/2018 ‎(1)
Appointment of a Travel Management Company to Provide Travel Management Services to the cidb for a Period of 36 Months
8/17/2018<div class='cidbTender_0D260DBC_1DF1_4F46-B58D_483AB5ED8280'><a href='/_layouts/15/cidb/TenderDocuments.aspx?bidnum=RFB60078'>Bid Documents</a><div>
collapse Date Issued : 3/2/2018 ‎(1)
Appointment of a Service Provider to Develop Assessment Tool for Infrastructure Procurement Planning and Delivery Management
3/2/2018<div class='cidbTender_0D260DBC_1DF1_4F46-B58D_483AB5ED8280'><a href='/_layouts/15/cidb/TenderDocuments.aspx?bidnum=RFB20020'>Bid Documents</a><div>
collapse Date Issued : 2/9/2018 ‎(1)
Framework Contract for the Provision for a Panel of Built Environment Professional Services for cidb Over a Period of Three Years
2/9/2018<div class='cidbTender_0D260DBC_1DF1_4F46-B58D_483AB5ED8280'><a href='/_layouts/15/cidb/TenderDocuments.aspx?bidnum=RFB30003'>Bid Documents</a><div>
collapse Date Issued : 2/2/2018 ‎(1)
Appointment of Service Provider to Provide CRM Software Application and Software Tender for a Period of 12 Months
2/2/2018<div class='cidbTender_0D260DBC_1DF1_4F46-B58D_483AB5ED8280'><a href='/_layouts/15/cidb/TenderDocuments.aspx?bidnum=RFB60068'>Bid Documents</a><div>
collapse Date Issued : 5/27/2016 ‎(1)
Microsoft CRM Software Developement System and Maintenance Support for a Period of 36 Months
5/27/2016<div class='cidbTender_0D260DBC_1DF1_4F46-B58D_483AB5ED8280'><a href='/_layouts/15/cidb/TenderDocuments.aspx?bidnum=RFB40116'>Bid Documents</a><div>
collapse Date Issued : 3/18/2016 ‎(1)
Microsoft CRM Software Developement System and Maintenance Support for a Period of 36 Months
3/18/2016<div class='cidbTender_0D260DBC_1DF1_4F46-B58D_483AB5ED8280'><a href='/_layouts/15/cidb/TenderDocuments.aspx?bidnum=RFB40114 '>Bid Documents</a><div>
collapse Date Issued : 3/4/2016 ‎(1)
Provision of Security Services at the cidb Provincial Offices for the Period of 36 Months
3/4/2016<div class='cidbTender_0D260DBC_1DF1_4F46-B58D_483AB5ED8280'><a href='/_layouts/15/cidb/TenderDocuments.aspx?bidnum=RFB60453'>Bid Documents</a><div>