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Tender Awards


Description of Service
Successful Bidder
Appointment of a Service Provider to Provide Communications and Public Relations Services to the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) for a Period of 36 Months.
Litha Communications (Pty) Ltd
R 1,708,717.50
Appointment of a Panel of Assessors to Conduct cidb Contractor Assessment of Prior Learning for a Period of 36 Months.
Aveng Africa (Pty) Ltd; Izwe Training and Development NPC; Onthandweni Upliftment Centre CC; South African Value Education; LTM Building Solutions (Pty) Ltd; Scenibrite (Pty) Ltd; Makapela Project Managers (Pty) Ltd; Letlole GG; Tjeka Training Matters (Pty) Ltd; Kwa-Zulu Natal Master Builders; PMQS Consultants CC; Jones Naidoo Consulting CC; MEM Consulting (Pty) Ltd; Xolisa Mnyani
Cutting Red Tape In Public Sector Procurement Of Construction Works
Impact Economix T/A Wolpe Strategic Economic Consulting
R 714,210.00
cidb Small Medium Enterprise Business Conditions Survey
University of Stellenbosch
R 2,358,011.95
Provision of Security Services at the cidb Provincial Offices for the Period of 36 Months
Smada Security Services
R 2,448,056.23
A study on cutting red tape in public sector procurement of construction works
Impact Economix T/A Wolpe Strategic Economic Consulting
Renewal of Microsoft Licenses for the cidb for the Period of 12 Months
Bytes Systems Integration – A division of Altron TMT (Pty) Ltd
R 454,604.41
Study of the drivers of construction costs for cidb
University of Cape Town
R 947,129.70
 Re-Design of the  Organisational Architecture of the cidb
Work Dynamics (Pty) Ltd
R 3,127,875.00
Network access and hosting services for a period of 36 months
VOX Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd
R 4,619,927.01
Integrated IP Based VoIP, Centrally Managed Telephony Solution for The Period of 3 Years
Nashua ECN (Pty) Ltd Panasonic Business Solutions
R 2,567,473.27
Provision of Courier and Freight Services to the cidb for the Period of 3 Years
R 0.00
Study of the Grade 1 Contractors
Procurement Dynamics Consulting
R 778,734.00
Provision of Travel Management Services to the cidb for the Transition Period of 3 Years
Travel with Flair
R 0.00
Provision of Insurance Services to the cidb for the Period of Three
Bravopix 240 T/A Shomang Brokers
R 329,475.06
Development of Maintenance Accounting Framework for Public Buildings
I @ Consulting (Pty) Ltd
R 899,460.00
Development of Competency Profiles for the Maintenance of Public Buildings
Core Focus (Pty) Ltd
R 774,573.00
Renewal of Microsoft Licences for the cidb for a period 36 months
Business Connexion (Pty) Ltd
R 1,953,081.87
Development of Planning Standards for Public Building Sector
Core Focus (Pty) Ltd
R 764,883.00
Appointment of a service provider to provide records management services to the cidb for the period of 36 months
Docufile Records Management (Pty) Ltd
R 770,706.89
Provision of cleaning and hygiene services to the cidb nine (9) provincial offices for the period of 36 months
Reakgona Commercial and Industrial Hygiene
R 1,566,874.80
Provisional of internal audit services to the cidb for the period of 36 months
Morar Incorporated
R 1,762,217.00
Provision of offsite disaster recovery environment in case of a disaster occuring at cidb head office for a period of 36 months
Global Continuity SA (Pty) Ltd
R 604,523.40
Request for proposal for the Development of Public Infrastructure Maintenance Management Standard
I @ Consulting (Pty) Ltd
R 747,498.00
Service provider to Review and Assess Status Quo of Contractor Development Programme (CDP’s) within District Municipalities and Metros and to Assess their state of Implementation readiness
Procurement Dynamics Consulting
R 849,585.00
Mimecast or Equivalent unified Email Management Solution for the cidb for a Period of 36 Months
Technology Corporate Management (Pty) Ltd
R 693,565.16